Top 5 Trends in Coloured Glass Splashback to Watch out

Shaded coloured glass splashback

Add a sprinkle of shading to your kitchen and change your obsolete kitchen by picking a dynamic coloured glass splashback. From Red, Yellow, Deep Blues and Purples, there are tones to suit all preferences and ways of life. Glass splashbacks are the ideal decision to give your kitchen the WOW factor!

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Believe that strong hued glass splashbacks are old school? Printed glass splashbacks utilize the most recent UV glass printing innovation to carry your kitchen bursting at the seams with vivid pictures and photographs.

You can pick a photograph, picture, picture or plan of your decision to make your own exceptionally printed kitchen coloured glass splashback and awaken to excellent recollections each day or even express your attractive style and character. It is simple, speedy and reasonable and does something unique to quickly add profundity and personality to your kitchen.

Mirror Splashbacks

Mirror splashbacks offer a tangible expression! A famous decision among kitchens with loads of steady light, reflect splashbacks mirror characteristic light for a seriously inviting typically splendid kitchen.

Essentially, a reflected splashback causes a savvy expansion to more modest kitchens for its capacity to make them seem extensive and roomier. Accessible in Gary/Smokey, Silver and Bronze, reflect splashbacks when adjusted with legitimate lighting draw out a sensational impact.

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Coloured glass splashback

Double tone glass Splashbacks

These are the famous decision for their capacity to give any kitchen a new perfect look. Made with two tones and utilizing a two-venture vinyl measure, the dual-tone glass splashbacks add profundity and character to any kitchen. That is not all. Dual Tone glass splashbacks stand apart for their magnificence and permit you to alter the splashback configuration to suit your individual taste and stylistic theme.

Glazed Matt Glass Splashbacks

Moderate, clean and contemporary, glazed matt glass splashbacks do something unique for your kitchen with their sharp accents. These pearly coloured glass splashback mirror standard light without the undesirable glare to make your kitchen look present day, smooth and slick.

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