The Modern Rules of Sliding Shower Screens Melbourne

From bent and geometric forms to striking metal or illuminated frame designs, sliding shower screens Melbourne is no longer a one-size-fits option. Three experts announce the latest trends and offer advice about picking the best theme for your bathroom.

A glass sliding shower screens Melbourne provides a clean and uncluttered appearance. It helps the architectural features of your bathroom to shine, be they stunning tiles or striking vanity.

Sliding Shower Screens Melbourne

What types should I choose?


If you want a modern look, imagine a fully frameless shower mirror, made of thick, unobstructed glass, fixed to a wall with discreet metal clamps. A small aluminium channel frame can be attached to the wall to make the shower panel look floating.


Semi-frameless shower enclosures have metal or plastic bracelets on the outer edges of the room, but not on the entrance. This option delivers the best of both worlds – minimally intrusive windows and a wider glass area with a more accessible atmosphere, with enhanced structural support.

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Sliding shower screens Melbourne


Framed shower screens are made of metal or plastic throughout the entire frame, including the door. This helps you to use your sliding shower screens Melbourne to bring suspense and interest to your bathroom.

Hinged vs. pivot doors

Hinged doors feature hinges on the side of the door frame, just as typical inner doors. The pivot-hinged door has hinges at the top and bottom of the door frame.

What are the costs of this?

Semi-frameless and framed displays are more budget-friendly than entirely frameless. Frameless windows, however, allow you the benefit of customization to thoroughly complete your bathroom.

Best suited for compact bathrooms

Completely Frameless sliding shower screens Melbourne are perfect for enclosed spaces. They provide the largest glass expanses to give you a smooth, minimalist look. The uncluttered glazing of frameless shower screens opens up the room’s view lines. It lets more light in, making space appear and sound more prominent.

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