Do Glass Balustrades Melbourne Need a Continuous Handrail?

When it comes to incorporating handrails into glass balustrades Melbourne, there is usually some misconception among homeowners and specification specialists about whether this is a legal need. Even if the glass railing is fully frameless, rules generally stipulate that a continuous handrail is not required. We always say that it’s essential to figure out what the glass balustrades Melbourne will be used for and how big it will be. 

So, for example, what is the application, such as a balcony area? What sort of glass was utilized in the installation, and what is its composition? Compliance is also affected by the quality of the fixtures and fittings.

Glass Balustrades Melbourne
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In what situations is a balustrade required?

Glass balustrades Melbourne are structural elements required for any building in the Melbourne area. Balustrades are now available in various materials as well, but glass is more contemporary and useful compared to other materials. Because of their many advantages, glass balustrades Melbourne have become a popular choice for pool fencing.

Domestic property

When there are flights of stairs, landings, or elevated areas in a single-family residence, building laws demand that a balustrade be installed if the distance between the neighboring floors exceeds 600mm.

The term “sunken areas” refers to any region not level with the rest of the building’s structure, such as sunken spaces, galleries, balconies, and roofs. A balustrade or other area next to a building where people may reach it may also be required for light wells.

Other buildings

However, when it comes to other types of structures, such as commercial premises, this disparity in height is reduced to 380mm. That is to say, if the difference in floor level is greater than 380mm, you will require a balustrade. This is about half of what is appropriate in a residential property.

Among other things, the increasing usage of the region, lack of knowledge of the location (that is, the user expectations we discussed previously), and the increased number of individuals traveling through the area have all been taken into consideration in this change in legislation.

Glass balustrades Melbourne and handrails

When a barrier is required to prevent a difference in a level more prominent than 600 mm, a handrail should always be utilized unless a laminated, toughened glass structure is employed that would stay in place if a panel were to break or otherwise fail. If calculations or testing show that component failure is unlikely, a continuous fastening should be utilized or individual fixes should be made to secure the handrail to the glass.

That simply implies that your installation does not need a continuous handrail if your glass standard stays in place in the case of a glass panel failure.

This statement complies with the stringent standards established for protecting people from being struck by, falling from, or colliding with the structures made of glass balustrade Melbourne. The use of toughened laminated glass is required in essential places, which is usually the case when glazing installations are being carried out. The reason behind this is that even if the glass panels were to break, they would pose minimal danger to individuals in terms of cutting and piercing damage.

Glass Balustrades Melbourne
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What kind of glass should I use?

What sort of glass is required when building a glass railing without a handrail? In Melbourne’s glass balustrades, toughened laminated glass is essential since it has an additional reinforcing interlayer between the glass panels. It is made by sandwiching two panes of glass together with a PVB plastic layer between them.

The integrity of the glass panel is preserved in a break, boosting the safety of those nearby and functioning as a safety barrier. And this is especially important when the balustrade installation is in a high-risk region, such as a higher balcony.

Stainless steel handrails for beautiful glass balustrades Melbourne

In Melbourne, balustrade firms provide a variety of high-quality stainless steel handrails available in three different configurations. Vertical handrails, stone handrails, and glass are all options. They are made of the best quality 304 stainless steel and finished in a stain-polished grade. They come in half-meter increments from 0.5m to 4.5m, making choosing the right glass for your project easier.

This kind of balustrade is best suited to indoor applications since the handrails are composed of 304 stainless steel. Certain glass balustrade Melbourne firms are unique in that they make their own line of glass balustrade hardware. A wide variety of glass clamps, handrail brackets, and standoff points are available. Glass brackets and washer buttons are also available.

Because each component has been designed and manufactured in such a strict and precise manner, it will ensure that any glass balustrade, railing, or Juliet balcony installation for which it is used will meet or exceed the requirements of Australian regulations.

Fixtures and fittings for balustrades are made to order

Beautiful glass balustrading requires a wide variety of structural glass fittings, such as balustrade components’ vast selection of glass clamps, handrail brackets, standoff point fixes, glass brackets, and other fasteners and components.

A glass balustrade of this kind is available in two popular finishes: polished and satin polished, which are popular choices. Besides standard treatments, Balustrade Components can provide custom powder coating, anodizing, and PVD finishes upon request. The fact that a large inventory of in-stock, short-lead-time components is available at Melbourne showrooms has proven to be quite beneficial to many contractors, installers, and home developers who have contacted the firm with urgent needs for their projects.

So, if you are planning to invest money in glass balustrades Melbourne, make sure they are produced using the appropriate glass. A thin glass panel would be dangerous for applications where safety is a top concern. Also, installing glass balustrades Melbourne requires professional installers.