Famous Quotes on Melbourne Airport Parking

Many of the greatest Famous Quotes on Melbourne Airport Parking have come from Victoria. The first place to begin is, of course, the quote by John Locke about the privileges of being a human: “Being a man is just the same as being an ox.” This is a profound saying, and we might not always agree with it, but there is certainly something to be said for the idea that we are all simply cars.

In another of our favourite Famous Quotes on Melbourne Airport Parking, the writer noted, “A car is a two-wheeled animal trying to move forwards under gravity.” Now, this may sound like a fairly strange comparison, but if you look at a motorcycle or a car in motion, you’ll realize that it isn’t all that much of a stretch to make. Think of how heavy a car can be, especially if you aren’t sitting in it, but rather, standing beside it.

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When you are riding a motorcycle, you are balancing on your arms, not your legs. Now, even though you are sitting down, you are exerting effort – even though the rest of your body is relaxed. And while we all know that moving a heavy automobile forward requires all of your strength, moving it sideways requires only a little bit of your strength, but enough to exert force upon the vehicle.

Another Famous Quote on Melbourne Airport Parking comes from Mark Twain, who wrote: “The man who owns a large sedan, that’s the man who ought to be running the country.” Now, there is no argument that in many cases a sedan is indeed a vastly superior mode of transportation, and we would all much prefer to be riding in one. But if the roads were clogged with traffic, no matter what size sedan you drove, you’d still have to contend with the traffic in front of you and behind you.

A third famous quote on Melbourne Airport Parking concerns the disabled. Here is what the American humorist Bill Cosby had to say about them in his 1976 book: “Many people who are handicapped sit in the rear window of a car and wonder if they can, just what it feels like to be rear-ended.

This is a hazard for the driver of any car.” The implication was that disabled drivers need to know their place so that they would be aware of those in front of them and therefore be able to avoid being hit by a car in front of them or being catapulted through the air as the car in front starts to make its way into the lane. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this anymore.

Melbourne Airport Parking

In 2021, a plan was developed for disabled passengers to be able to park inside of the car park that is built at the airport, rather than having to line up to go into the car. This is a relatively new idea in the world of public transportation. Although it has only been around for a short time, the concept seems to be catching on. Although some see it as a backward step, others applaud the idea. After all, many feel that parking on the street in front of the airport is not safe for disabled passengers. It is easy to understand why they would prefer to park inside of the airport’s parking garage if it were available.

So, we see now three famous quotes on Melbourne Airport parking. The first says that people should be able to use the parking space for whatever reason they want to, whether that be because of safety or convenience. The second says that while it may be inconvenient for disabled passengers to have to line up to get into their cars, it is better than having to stand in the hot sun all day waiting to enter your car.

And finally, the third one says that while it is great to be able to park your car inside the airport’s garage, you might think about getting some sort of handicap parking sticker to let people know where you’re parked.

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